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Gahagen Laboratories

     Jameson Gahagen, is a Florida native with a passion for exotic animals. As a young boy he would often be found flipping rocks and logs in search of the incredible native reptiles that lived around his home. As he grew in size, so did his love of these animals and in 2009, Gahagen Laboratories, was founded.

     Laboratories is not a misnomer, since the lab's inception, Gahagen has made exotic animal care a science. His use of the most recent technology and current husbandry practices, as well as methods he has devised on his own, have yielded results that never cease to amaze me. His success in breeding, hatching, and raising healthy animals provides testimony to this; and he possesses skill and care found all too rarely in the exotic animal trade.

     Please enjoy this website and know that any animals you purchase will arrive with the advantages of having a healthy and stress free upbringing, provided by a wise and passionate caregiver.

Photographer and Naturalist,

Jakob Pammer

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